Abandon the “strongest in the history
of the Beijing Auto Show to see new energy vehicles

at 10:20 on April 23,
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The annual auto show, the ultra-luxury car
sales exhausted the news will become a topic of talk of the town. In this
year’s Beijing auto show, there is a noteworthy phenomenon, that is a few
super-luxury car brand to launch SUV models: the Lamborghini SUV concept car,
the Maserati’s first luxury SUVkubang and Bentley EXP9F concept car . It can be
said that the launch of these models, mainly Chinese and the Chinese market for
luxury SUV, the strong demand and purchasing power.

    We are more
concerned about emerging new brand on the market, including the new joint
venture brands and joint venture its own brand to the Chinese market in the end
will produce what kind of impact  At
present, the joint venture autonomy has been everywhere, addition to the wide-oriented
S1 already on the market, SAIC-GM-Wuling 630 Po Chun, Kai Chen D50 outside the
Changhe Suzuki to send hi, Dongfeng Tiansi Ming and Beijing Hyundai’s first
look. In addition, Chery Quantum of view caused by car, has just announced a
joint venture between Chery and Jaguar Land Rover, with Changan Citroen BYD
Daimler Teng potential, Guangzhou Automobile Mitsubishi and Guangzhou
Automobile Chrysler The new joint venture brands, will also emerge in this
year’s Beijing Auto Show.

    Previous show is
not difficult to see the independent car enterprises developed rapidly,
regardless of exhibit size, display level have not lost in the multinational
and domestic car prices in addition to demonstrate autonomous vehicle,
including engines, transmissions and other innovation, Beijing The auto show
also will be its own brand to build a good to the international platform.
“Wang Xia, China has become the world’s largest car producer and sales
market. An active role in expanding domestic demand, adjust the structure, and
promote change, a series of policies and measures since 2010, China’s
automobile industry to maintain the momentum of steady development, the Beijing
auto show this year is the development of automobile industry a showcase of the

    Abandon the slogan
of “the history of the most abandoned grandstanding luxury car sales, we
hope that the Beijing Auto Show is an opportunity for, let us on the floor plan
of the longitudinal axis of the history and the world auto industry, a clearer
understanding to the coordinates of the Chinese automobile industry , so a good
plan for future development.    

the 2012 Beijing International Auto Show, Cadillac announced the first luxury
electric sedan equipped with extended-range electric drive technology to run
the ELR to mass production and into the Chinese market. Main products: car DVD player and car dvd ,
are with good quality. ELR from the Cadillac
Converj concept car, set the forward-looking design of Cadillac luxury coupe
fun to drive and electric drive system of the Trinity, full of forward-looking
technology of Cadillac in the green.

    Cadillac ELR with
the electric drive system including a power of 16 kWh T-shaped lithium
batteriesBusiness Management Articles, a power-driven group and power generation engines.

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