The Apple iphone X critiques are in! (Apple Byte)

Adore the new screen and Encounter ID is off to a good start out. Apple denies seeking Touch ID on the Apple iphone X and types your brassiere photos with picture recognition. Study the Apple iphone X review here –

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30 thoughts on “The Apple iphone X critiques are in! (Apple Byte)

  1. Dude companies file patens all the time and don't necessarily work on them. The reason is to prevent patent trolls from getting the patent first. This might be something apple wants to do a few years down the road, enabling face ID and Touch ID for 2 factor authentication.

  2. The iPhone X has a record high Full Screen Brightness for OLED Smartphones of 634 nits, which improves screen visibility in high Ambient Light. The Samsung Galaxy Note8 can produce up to 1,240 nits, but only for small portions of the screen area (Low Average Picture Levels) – for Full Screen Brightness the Note8 can produce up to 423 nits with Manual Brightness and 560 nits with Automatic Brightness only in High Ambient Light. For small portions of the screen area the iPhone X can produce up to 809 nits (Low Average Picture Levels). On its Home Screen the iPhone X produces an impressively bright 726 nits.

  3. There is something really creepy i found out about the iPhone x….. i have a security cam in my home with night vision.. one day as I decided to check out some live footage to make sure my camera was still useful… i was in a completely dark room with nothing but my iPhone… on my camera it appeared that the facial recognition sensor was sending off super bright lights every 2 seconds to i guess update my face.. it got even more creepy when i unlocked the phone and multiple bright flashes appeared on my night vision camera overseeing the room, but nothing coming from my phone.. try this and make a video please!

  4. Apple is still selling the Mac Mini for $499.00 on their website. It makes no sense that they aren't going to service products they are still actively selling at the same price point as when they were released.

  5. I love mine. I think the notch looks great on the phone. I look at it as extra space for apple to stuff our time, LTE status, WiFi status, and battery status.

  6. What should I do guys ?

    1. Buy the IPhone x ?

    2. Buy a used car to get a better job ,better my life ,potentially meeting the girl of my dreams, getting married, have kids , buy a house and live forever ?

  7. iphone is BORING NOW – no change on side buttons (hold switch) is still manual.
    Dull Dull Dull Hardware, your best to buy a Razor phone or Samsung. Its like Old people trying to stay in the tech game !!!

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