Apple iphone 8 and Apple iphone X – THE Largest Fraud IN APPLE History!

Apple have declared their new vary of iPhones. Nevertheless, they are not as great price propositions as Apple are building them out to be. In this video I will crack down the devious strategies Apple incorporating in their most current keynote.

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Furious Freak by Kevin MacLeod ( Accredited underneath Resourceful Commons: By Attribution 3. License


44 thoughts on “Apple iphone 8 and Apple iphone X – THE Largest Fraud IN APPLE History!

  1. You are literally so professional I thought I was watching a video by a 1 million subscribers youtuber!
    You deserve more subscribers. It's an awesome and informative video!

    EDIT: edited informal to informative. misspelled it obviously.

  2. Ur just trying to point out every little detail that u can think of, but in reality ur 95% wrong. "64gb isn't enough with 4K at 60fps". Well, they don't make u shoot like tht u can still shoot 1080p 30fps

  3. I've had iPhones in the past and after my 5 got sick of being behind the ball. So I got a Nexus 5, then a Note 5, and now a Note 8.

    Hard to believe that my note 8 was in many ways ahead of the iPhone X, way back in 2015.

    Ill never look back now. Short of a complete change in company direction on Apple's part. I completely understand why people buy them, but they're not for me.

  4. Regardless of android having these functions before apple and for cheaper, people will still buy those iPhones… apple knows this and this is why they jack up their prices and do shit like this.. people will still buy it. I agree with everything in this video, but I’m still buying an iPhone X 🤷🏾‍♂️ lol

  5. "Something we have had for years"

    Sure android phones have had this for years, not all android phones of course. Samsung has had this for a while, so have some manufacturers, but does oneplus 5 use wireless charging? Does the google pixel?

    Its all about the manufacturer. Some phones have features in other areas that don't.

    Overall I would say Samsung is ahead in so many areas, but you cant claim the same thing with every other android manufacturer.

  6. The problem with the iPhone X is that all it “effectively” offers is a larger screen for 33% more ($699 vs $999). Yes, FaceID is new, but seeing as it replaces the Touch ID, I would not consider it a “new feature” as much as a “replacement feature”. Everything else is filler.

    In my opinion, Apple really missed the point here. If they wanted to have a higher end iPhone that is fine. However, the naming is moronic and the pricing is way off. They should have called it the iPhone Pro and at $999 it should have started at 128GB RAM and Fast Charging Cable WITH A DOCK. A second, limited edition, $1199 could maybe add a new color, bump up to 256GB, replace Fast Charger with Wireless Charging Station, and replace Headphones with Airpods. Also the additional RAM should have allowed for a special split screen option exclusive to the model.

    They really need to kill off the iPhone SE/.8 Plus sizes anyway. Simplify it to 3.5” (original model, but obviously with thinner casing), 4.7” (iPhone 8), 5.8” (iPhone X). It’s ridiculous that we have a 4, 4.7, 5.5, and 5.8 options. These are way too close….

  7. oled display which they bought from samsung and calling their own innovation. Even then, the screen has max brightness of around 600 nits while Galaxy Note 8 can go upto 1200 nits

  8. Apple has fallen into the corporate shit hole big time, they don’t give a shit about the consumer anymore it’s just money. They take years to add features that are now standard every where else, and there iOS is crap in too many ways that could be easily fixed if they actually cared for once. I used to love apple (I am typing this on iPhone 6 Plus the last phone they half tried with). I wish I was CEO of apple because I would actually listen to what people want and not care about money, they have enough for god sake they are the most valuable company on earth. My next phone will be Samsung unless apple pull their shit together.

  9. If I really wanted an iphone right now I'd go for the 6s. You get useful features like more battery capacity and headphone jack for a good price when you compare it to the iphone 8. The design is basically the same and in day to day use you won't notice any difference in processing power.

  10. Most people won't buy Mac. But most people buy iPhones. Figures if they don't pay 1k for for a computers, why not pay for the iPhones
    Which everyone so can afford it will buy, regardless of its inadequacy

  11. Stop comparing face ID with Android iris scanner hahah
    Face ID going to be super fast and way better refined version of that. Just to touch ID to fingerprint scanner.
    I'm a Android user btw, all Ur other points is well made.

  12. People rip Apple and the iPhone, but who started the smart phone craze with a touch UI that companies have been copying for ten years. Galaxy note 8 is $960 so stop complaining about the iPhone price. If you want an open OS that’s full of viruses and spyware go with Android.

  13. Well i would agree with the prices if they included everything in the box. Such as the fastcharging stuff and the wireless charging shit.. but 999$ for a phone with a bigger screen and a better camera isn't worth spending money on.. specially that im using the iphone 6 and i feel no difference between my phone and all the new iphones.. like im ready to upgrade but i don't see the value..

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