Iphone eight Appears to be like Great, but Iphone X is the Genuine Improve – Apple Reactions

The hold out is above! Apple has announced a trio of new telephones. The Apple Iphone eight and Iphone eight In addition are what the Iphone 7s and Iphone 7s In addition really should have been. The Iphone X (which is Iphone 10) is the firm’s correct flagship for the calendar year. Listed here are our reactions to the Iphone eight, Iphone eight In addition, and the Iphone X!

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44 thoughts on “Iphone eight Appears to be like Great, but Iphone X is the Genuine Improve – Apple Reactions

  1. Used it for a few minutes. Noticed now to save a photo from the web browser you have to long press, wait for the photo to expand, pull the photo down, in order to get save or copy options. Why the extra step. Also noticed the awful graphics of the unlock screen. Yuk. Then checked to see if they finally fixed the Move & Scale code while setting a wallpaper or lock screen photo…. they didnt fix it. The last time that actually worked was early 2013 when ios 6 was still here. Fail. Wont be upgrading or buying until they fix this and stop adding steps to every process. They are literally going backwards.

  2. Going to skip the X for now, I'll more than likely wait until it's successor iPhone (XI?) comes out. Never buy the first gen of any Apple product, let them work out the bugs and faults, the second generation device will be better. Also, waiting to see what Google brings in October, Pixel XL2?

  3. Wireless charging, like the galaxy 6 introduced. (Nokia really did this first, but it was windows phone)
    The camera is like the galaxy 7.
    Fast charging capable like so many android phones, but unlike those phones it's not included in the box.
    With all of these disappointing truths, why did they skip 7s? Body style changes used to be what changed the number. Now we have 6 7 and 8 all with essentially the same shell. Where is the innovation here?

  4. iOS could never serve my needs so I've never owned an iPhone. That being said, the top notch is hideous, lack of fingerprint scanner is a mistake, and both the 8 and X are boring.

    More importantly though, Juan, bro… Shave your neck dude, girls be touching that shit and thinking "Cha cha cha Chia."

  5. Its a phone, If it can text, take a picture at the beach ,read email and play music thats all I need.Why the he'll would anyone spend a thousand just to get to an app or a web to open 1/10 of a second faster, If getting ripped off so you can feel trendy is a priority for you, have at it

  6. The IPhone X didn't wow me much. I was turned off with the $1k price point. Face ID doesn't interest me. I also hate Apple for taking out the 128 gig on the phones. The glass back is fine but I wish they would add more colors like a standard blue & red phone. I think the Apple phone would have been further along if Steve Jobs was still alive

  7. Everyone saying how the IPhone X is just a S8 clone yet none of y’all have actually used the phone yet. Once it’s in your hands then feel free to share your opinions until then keep using your Samsung..

  8. Apple is behind Samsung. Pretty funny. My s7 is cheaper and I think it's better. It had most of these features long ago. I'm already used to using them, nothing new and exciting. Nothing new on the s8 either, but both companies have to try to keep up their profits. Hype and gimmicks and features I probably wouldn't use, just aggravating or prone to malfunctions. I would like to see a serious new camera or better voice control or better search function or better storage solutions or ad blocking or less annoying upgrades (maybe bundled for once a year? or patch a security hole quickly).

  9. Why would pay $1,000 for a phone made of glass and aluminum (aluminum isn't that expensive. Soda cans?) It's the same software as any iPhone. Plus, Apple still doesn't let you sideload apps like Android does. Torrent apps and VPN apps are not an option.

  10. I posted this on a different video but would like to express the same ideas here..
    1. A lot of people are saying 'Great Design' – It is not a "great design' .. But it is 'great Aesthetics' – But as to ergonomic design.. Definitely not great. Why? = im left handed, and if i hold the phone in left hand and try to raise volume, my index finger rests exactly on the screen lock//off button, and the screen locks when i try to use the volume keys
    Hold your phone in landscape to take a photo, with the volume keys on top to use as camera shutter button. then look where the camera lens is on the other side of phone!
    upside down!
    The iPhones (all models) have an Insanely stupid design ergonomically speaking; if you think that a camera shutter is top right of device in landscape, and the lens should be then top left or right, but never bottom of camera. Your little finger covers the lens when try to take a photo.

    As to the new features; Unfortunately all the new iPhones have is content consumption crap, snapchat masks, emojicons.. nothing at all in the Keynote about productivity features.

    Its not a phone for content creators and professionals to us, its for people taking pics of themself doing yoga on instagram. The Keynote did not show us a single feature that is useful for professional content creators, The iPhone 5s is the only iPhone hich i can use to take macro images of my 3 x 2 centimeter products.

    The dual lenses on the new iPhones cant take closeups of small objects, because the telephoto lens starts fighting with the digital zoom lens, and get very blurry pics – i know i have an iPhone 7 Plus and its crap camera for professional product photography, and only good for selfies.

    In addition, the dedicated camera shutter buttons (volume keys) when try to use on top right of phone, show the camera lens on the bottom of the phone in landscape, which is upside down
    volume buttons end up with your other finger on the off button and locks screen when trying to raise or lower volume. bad design

    Face ID;
    Face Id will be like touch id.. we all switch it off after a week because its a pain in the ass – i agree with you about the 'Bionic' cheezy name.. Steve Austin! I wont buy one because of the double lens for selfie nation people. Cant take macro closeups of small objects with those two lenses arguing with each other skipping from one to the other and blurry. (speaking from the experience i have with my iPhone 7 Plus). Screw snapchat and emojis i need to get some work done. My iPhone 5 s is still my favourite for the camera, and my iPhone 7 Plus is a piece of crap with its shutterbugs and lens jumping and blurry closeups.. expensive, good looking, useless crap. What i will die hoiding my breath waiting for, is a touchscreen on a macbook, or even better OSK in an iPad Pro with a trackpad. Like a Galaxy Book Windows 10! (which i would buy for its 'desktop os in a mobile device' power.. if it were not for the fact that windows has constant updates, and needs antivirus.

  11. Honestly, apple should just have skipped the iphone 8 design and adapted the iphone X releasing two versions of that phone as regular and plus sizes. The iphone 8 is boring and will be a fail and iphone X is over priced

  12. Im estimating the dates here but…

    2008-2012 I used iPhone
    2012-2015 I used Windows Phone
    2015 – Present I am using Android. Picked up an LG G6 after owning a Nexus 5X for a over a year.

    Had a warranty on the 5X, so gave my mother my G6 and got another 5X. Looking for a replacement now. Quite honestly, I'm pretty excited about the iPhone X. I always said IOS is very stale, not innovative etc. At this point in the game, I feel like cellular phones have stagnated for the most part. They all pretty much do the same thing. Unless you're a crazy tinkering type, other than minor differences in camera, I feel as though IOS vs Droid, your shits going to be the same. I use Whatsapp, Snapchat, Gmail/Outlook, web browsing, and the assistant for reminders. Oh, and I also use it to make calls.

    All this to say, iPhone X is the first phone in a while that has really caught my eye. I think I'm going to take the plunge and pick one up.

    I know this always elicits an IOS vs Android debate, so I'm going to tell you my reason why in advance: "Because I think it looks good, and I want it. There is literally nothing either OS brings to the table that I need or want more than the other."

  13. Way to go ADS promoting a PC on an APPLE related video slow claps would it kill the AD promoters to put something relating to the video I'm watching?

    These ADS are freaking annoying when they don't relate to actual videos WTF?

  14. If I hadn't seen all of this before, I might have bought one but I find myself waiting for the next big thing to come from Microsoft's Devices Division. I've never, yes you've read that correctly, never taken a selfie, so and animated whatever means nothing in my world. The benchmarks for the iPhone X show MacBook speeds and it has MacBook like storage BUT it will still not run Mac OS applications….. That is unless you run Microsoft Office…. Hmmmm

  15. so the 8 is really just a 7s…..wtf not just call it that?  And the X might be cool but no fingerprint scanner? I can't imagine nor would I want to have to look at my phone always to open it……or have to use an unlock code.  I find it very annoying that they don't ever give options. Even just make a fingerprint scanner along the side of the X…..anywhere!!!   I would have tried the X with a fingerprint scanner but guess for now I will stick with my U11.

  16. Have to say I'm disappointed. Was looking to upgrade my 6 plus, but the thing still works fine! The 8/8plus is not that much different than the 7 and the X is just overpriced. Not excited about face ID either.. Holding the phone to my face EVERY time I want to use it seems stupid! I'll wait till the next one maybe… I just have to say I'm not a Tim Cook fan at all. It seems he's more concerned about money than about creating something industry leading… Time for a change.

  17. some government, pseudo military freak will be suing Apple for your face mapped by Face ID so they can "scan the world" to see and know who and where we are in real time…

  18. I would say that the iPhone is one ugly design. That cutout at the top destroys the experience and when consuming media, browsing the web or whatever you want to do on the phone all the attention is on what notch at the top (or side in landscape) mode.
    I tried the AR feature when I was using a Sony Android years ago and it was cool at first but forgotten but quickly forgotten.
    When I saw the keynote Apple didn't show how to make the notification center appear on the iPhone X. Will it be a swipe downward from the left side instead of the right side of the "turd" at the top? What about when you game and you need to swipe upward from the button in the game? Will the game exit because of that gesture? I have recently bought the iPhone 7 Plus on a 12 month contract, so I won't be buy it for now. But the iPhone 8 Plus looks so much more appealing.
    Am I the only person on the Internet that likes the bezels at the top and bottom of a phone? You have to hold the phone somehow, right, instead of accidentally pressing something on the screen. An all screen phone with no bezels isn't a good idea. That is at least my opinion.

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