The new Apple Iphone X design and style is DUMB!

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On Tuesday, Apple announced the new Iphone 8, Iphone 8 In addition, and Iphone X at the new Apple Park campus’ Steve Jobs Theatre. With a new all-monitor design and style, Iphone X seems to be quite great—or at minimum, it has eventually caught up to the Galaxy S8, LG V30, and other flagship phones from this yr. The most promptly recognizable omission is the dwelling button and Touch ID. Apple has moved to a gesture-primarily based user interface. At first, it sounds quite neat! But the far more I feel about it, the considerably less persuaded I am that it is going to be greater than the traditional dwelling button. I propose an alternate design and style I wish Apple would have considered.


20 thoughts on “The new Apple Iphone X design and style is DUMB!

  1. remember when they removed the headphone jack and called it an improvisation ? Oh yeah now macbook pro also doesn't have a usb port………. That's innovation and embracing change ROFL.

  2. I think you are being over dramatic AF sure they could've went the Samsung route with the 3D touch home button and it would have been easier to adapt but I personally don't care because in a week with the new iPhone X it will be muscle memory.

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