28 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 6s / 6s Plus – Trailer (Jony Ive)

  1. if the iPhone battery is difficult to remove means it's more safe because people will tamper with the electronics inside and will make it into a bomb therefore Samsung is more fragile and the screen breaks easily

  2. I love the way apple always says that it's the most advanced iPhone we've ever created haha am Daw! You don't say its hardly worse then the last model… Don't get me wrong, i have a 6S plus i just think it's dum when they say that

  3. Although the 3D Touch is a revolutionary humongous step forward in the cellphone industry, I see this as being an overhyped lackluster feature. Just think of it this way? Why would I want to press down on the screen to get more options when I could just open the app right? I mean like its great on the Apple Watch as it have a small screen. I seriously think that this is just a gimmick to attract people. This 3D Touch is so underwhelming. I mean like I honestly believed that the screen have show 3D images like the cheap nitendo 3DS. Oh well.

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