Years ago we didn’t have as many choices when it came to choosing a home security provider as we do today. In fact, I can only think of one major player in the market at the time and that was Brinks Home Security. Brinks was known for it’s legendary customer service and even today I’m sure that a lot of people (like me) search for Brinks Home Security not knowing that they’ve been acquired by ADT.

That’s right. Brinks Home Security now runs under the name of ADT. Not a fan of ADT? I don’t blame you! ADT hasn’t done much to keep up with what newer home security companies today are offering. In fact, I think they’re still just cashing in on their name and old reputation for having been around a long time. However, many people that have been ADT customers may agree that they are expensive and do not have the best customer service. Rather their customer service is quite troublesome so you better hope your system keeps running smoothly if you’re an ADT customer!

So if not Brinks/ADT then who? The answer is simple. Armorax. Armorax may be new to the game but they’re certainly not behind the others. In fact, they’re one step ahead. Their customer service is unmatched and to top that, they offer 24 hour customer service! They’re also the first in the industry to offer the latest GC3 control panel by 2GIG absolutely free with their Blackbox package. This is because they don’t believe in selling their customers equipment that will go obsolete in a few years.

Armorax’s Blackbox package is a really easy setup. The control panel is totally wireless and cellular and it’s plug and play. The sensors come with double-sided mounting tape and the control panel comes with a desktop stand so you don’t need to drill holes in the wall. They system is also portable so you can take it with you if you ever move. Their monitoring plans are pretty reasonable and come loaded with features.

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